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Training towards BHS Stage 3

 We cover the full BHS syllabus, the course is tailor made to your individual requirements and we also work on your examination technique.This examination comprises a Riding section and a Stable Management section. These elements can be taken together on the same day or individually at different times. The complete qualification will not be awarded until passes in both sections have been achieved.

Aim of the BHS Stage 3 candidate

∗ To be successful the candidate must show an ability to look after up to four horses in stables and at grass and to ride a variety of horses under a variety of circumstances. The candidate should be tactful yet effective, understanding the reasons for their actions both in horse care and while riding.


The course covers the following: -

∗ Care of a Competition Horse 
∗ Fitting Saddlery 
∗ Transporting 
∗ Lungeing 
∗ Superficial Muscles of the Horse 
∗ Structure of the Leg Below the Knee 
∗ The Horse's Foot 
∗ The Horse's Action 
∗ Shoeing 
∗ Recognition of Lameness 
∗ Daily Routine 
∗ Grassland Management 
∗ Preparing and Looking After Fit Horses 
∗ Horse Behaviour 
∗ Feeding a Balanced Diet 
∗ Jump a Course of Fences 
∗ Cross Country 
∗ School Movements 
∗ Lateral Work

Please Click here to view BHS Stage 3 Syllabus, exam dates and Fees.